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At least, I haven't seen it on any other blogs. So it must be so.

Sally Shapiro - My Fantasy

this one is kinda hard to find too...

Sally Shapiro - Skating in the Moonshine

Saturday, 17 May, 2008


Recently i found something extraordinary. Immediately i fell in love with their music and the whole atmosphere surrounding them. I have to say that i like their artwork as much as i like the music and it´s seems like the images and the music relates to each other. Things like that makes the impression stronger, and sometimes better. Almost like a concept, the Dw concept. It´s not like the music really needs the artwork and vice versa, i just want to say that this is good and don´t miss out on this. They have been around for a while and surely, already got a bunch of fans and clubs that play their music. They should have!

Dw is Killian Eng and Amir Zaino, one Graphic Design & Illustration student and one theater producer living in Stockholm/Sweden in their mid twenties. We started to make music around 1998. It all began with hip hop beats, but quite quickly moved on to more dance oriented stuff. We have worked under the name Dw since 2003. Before that we called ourselves Darkwoods, that's actually what Dw stands for. If you listento the tracks you wont find much dark so we just made it Dw. The only thing that's left from the Darkwoods-days are the melodies that still are a bit melancholic, that's the way it is up northen Sweden. Melancholic happiness. Nowadays Dw has become more like Hiphop-housethrough pink Italo shades.

Dw - You and me

Dw - Hijack

Listen to their new song Razorblades featuring Snart on:

Do it!

Thursday, 15 May, 2008

I like this. It´s been on my playlist for a while now and i realize that i should put it here before i get tired of it and forget about the song.

Also if you´re unfamiliar with O´gar you should listen to this: playback fantasy

Sunday, 11 May, 2008


Money, sex, fashion
Boys, girls, lipstick

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Any girl who sings like this is allowed to do whatever she wants with me...
Dont know anything more about the artist, seems like there´s only two songs. Love on the rocks, which is good and also nineteen nintey three, even better. Have a listen.

Lama - Nineteen ninety three

From the year 1983.