Tuesday, 30 January, 2007

Prefab Sprout

I’m sorry for making you wait, but there is reasons for our inconsistency. Stefan is abroad, in a country where they have no electricity or infrastructure and Darryl is in Malmö/Copenhagen and I’m mostly busy in school.

At last, Prefab Sprout with a song from their album "from Langley Park to Memphis". It was released 1988 and sold a lot of records in England that year. They made it to the top-fivelist for albums in UK that year, and considering the size of their indie-label Kitchenware Records, that is kind of rare. Kitchenware Records is still going strong and as an example of their present artists we have: The Editors, The Changes and Kid:Coda. Prefab Sprout together with Hurrah is considered to be the most label-defining acts on Kitchenware, so if you like Prefab you should check their other artists, old as new.
If you never heard of Prefab Sprout before I can recommend the albums "Steve McQueen" and "From Langley Park To Memphis", and song like: "Faron young", "Cars and girls", "When love breaks down", "Desire as", "Hey Manhattan", "Knock on wood"

I usually listen to them when before I’m going to sleep or when I’m coming home from school. There are better choices of music if you want to dance but works perfectly for lounge. And if there is someone of our listeners (in Sweden) that have Lp´s with Prefab Sprout for sale, please contact me.

prefab sprout - the king of rock n roll

Saturday, 27 January, 2007

They play rough

They are Crystal Castles.
They are 1 boy and 1 girl.
They are named after She-Ra's home.
They play rough.
They are from Toronto.

crystal castles - air war

Friday, 26 January, 2007

fresh air

Usually I'm right on top of anything Air-related, but I was a bit slow on this one. The new album is called "Pocket Symphony" and is out on February 19, but of course there's that internet downloading thing too. Collaborations with Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon, sounds real good to me.

Air - Left Bank
(right click to download)

Thursday, 25 January, 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

One of the most pleasant discoveries of 2006 was the quite insane tunes of Ed Banger Records and Kitsune records. It was kind of a mindblower for me, making me revalue electronic music which hasn’t been my cup of tea. I guess it’s not just the music of Ed Banger that I like, it’s also the arty style and decadent behaviour of their artists. Anyway today’s song is neither from Ed banger or Kitsune, it’s from Australia. This band, Midnight Juggernauts, played in Stockholm, Debaser Medis 27/10 this fall and of course I missed it. I’m missing everything, so maybe it’s time to load the i-pod and buy a ticket to Paris or London, and maybe even Berlin?

midnight juggernauts - devil within

Wednesday, 24 January, 2007

The Shins.

The radio has played this song for me, during my lunch, two days in a row now, and both times it has put me in that lovely good mood that great music can bring. Actually I haven't listened to The Shins that much before, but now I know that they deserve some of my valuable time. Song's taken from new album "Wincing the night away", released in Sweden today.

The Shins - Phantom limb

Tuesday, 23 January, 2007

nancy & moz

iTunes shuffle is a wonderful thing, sometimes. Most of the time I usually just continually press the next song button until I hear something I want, but when I get too lazy to do that, I’m often pleasantly surprised by what the fates of auto shuffle bring to my attention. This time around it was a cover of Morrissey’s ‘Let Me Kiss You,’ from “The Essential Nancy Sinatra” (gay, i know) album that had been sitting around for some time now. Moz even sings a bit. I guess she's looking for a new Lee Hazlewood...

Nancy Sinatra - Let Me Kiss You
(right click to download)

Sunday, 21 January, 2007


I´m not a very big fan of ebm or really hard synthpop, not even goth, but in a way Clan of Xymox feels really fresh considering the breeze of electropop that blows all over europe. Well maybe I´m strange listening to this kind of music without looking like Robert Smith, and I admit that this music perhaps is a little bit out of the context for this blog, but sometimes you just have to break the boundaries. I just love the frenetic synth and the hardpunching snaredrums, and I would love to hear an up to date remix of this song. (Sorry for messing up the the "celestial - nothing happens twice"- file, i´ve fixed it so please try again)

clan of xymox - a day

The Kid.

Well namedropping isn't that cool anyway, so just have a listen. Fine electropop it sure is.

The Kid - The noble art of jealousy


Okay, so I missed my every third day deadline by about 12 hours, but that's the travelling business. Anyway, I can feel myself getting tired by Hot Chip, but not quite yet. So, before total exhaustion sets in, I’ll use them for blogging purposes. It can be like a sort of time capsule or something. In 20 years when they’ve disappeared and I’ve become middle-aged and started to lose my hair and boyish good looks, I can look fondly back upon my days of youth and wonder where the years have gone. Until then, I’ll enjoy my time and my music. This one is a remix by Fred Falke, whose appeal to my penchant for 80s workout video music never fails to disappoint.

Hot Chip - Colours (Fred Falke Remix)
(Right click to download)

Friday, 19 January, 2007

Shoegaze, the language of flowers

Celestial is Johan Hagman. He makes music with jangly guitars, dreamy and humble vocals. I´m thinking Sarah records, Creation records and bands such as the Field Mice and Ride, This is probably old news for some but this is also too good to not know about.

celestial - nothing happens twice

Thursday, 18 January, 2007

Taken by trees.

Last summer Victoria Bergsman very suddenly left The Concretes. "To pursue a solo career" the press release said. Well, who knows if that really was the primary reason. Anyway, Victoria and her lovely new solo project Taken by trees has as the first swedish act ever got signed by the classical british indie label Rough Trade. The album will arrive this spring (as well as the new concretes album). Here is a taste of what to come.
3 more songs to listen to at the official site.

Wednesday, 17 January, 2007


Nevermind that Brigitte Bardot has come to bear a striking resemblance to Baby Jane Hudson, or that she may be a bigot, or even that she's of the opinion that she still has enough cultural influence to believe that Canada's PM would have a private meeting with her to talk about seal clubbing. At one time, she was at the very top of the Parisian elite. Between director Roger Vadim and composer Serge Gainsbourg, she had two of the most influential perverts in the French film and music industries at her disposal for a good part of the 1960s. One of her most successful songs, 'Harley Davidson,' written by Gainsbourg in 1968, is an ode to the pleasure Bardot receives from the bike's vibrations. Bardot more of less shouts out the song rather than sings, and maybe the lyrics aren't entirely important, but since when was that the point of pop music?

Brigitte Bardot - Harley Davidson
(right click to download)

Tuesday, 16 January, 2007

The first one...

will always be remembered. I´ve been thinking of which song with which artist that would be the first one out. Someone worthy. So let´s start with New York, the CBGB´s, a great band and a great song from the late 70ies: The Student Teachers - Looks. A lot of attitude a lot of looks. ( it´s ripped from vinyl)

The Student Teachers - Looks

Monday, 15 January, 2007

On air.

Welcome to the opening of Radio no. 1.
We will provide you with daily updates about the music we like and a daily song for you to download.

/ Radio no.1