Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

cover version: echo beach

echo beach is my favourite song of all time, really!

originally written by mark gane and performed by martha and the muffins, one of canada's best new wave acts. they're still performing, kind of. i heard one of the marthas works as a professor in toronto now.

anyhow, the muffins' version is an absolutely perfect new wave song, but here's a more electronic toyah remake (also really great) and a remixed version from 2006 also. there's a trance version i found, but it's really awful, so i'll spare you.

martha & the muffins - echo beach
toyah - echo beach
martha & the muffins - echo beach 2006 (db sonic & dj fräggel radio mix)

martha & the muffins on youtube

toyah on youtube

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