Monday, 17 September, 2007

Johannes Rojola


I´m starting to like Finland more and more and whoever said that the finnish language sounds funny when it´s sung? It´s a complete lie, it´s sounds perfectly great to me. The song Lennetään Avaruustanssiin is finnish italo sung in finnish and it´s really great. I don´t know what Johannes Rojola is singing about but it sounds nice anyway. His other two tracks in this post are more of electro nature, also very very good

Johannes Rojola - Meat From Boers
Johannes Rojola - Lennetään Avaruustanssiin
Johannes Rojola - Ralph Was Sick


punkrockdoll said...

thank you so much for sharing!

Erik said...

you´re welcome. what kind of music do you write about, all kinds?