Monday, 15 January, 2007

On air.

Welcome to the opening of Radio no. 1.
We will provide you with daily updates about the music we like and a daily song for you to download.

/ Radio no.1


Anonymous said...

Great Erik, detta ska jag allt hålla uppsikt över, kanske finner jag nya idéer till mitt sannerligen växande intresse för elektromusik!

/Stormen Pär

Erik said...

Här kommer det att läggas upp allt möjligt, inte bara elektronisk musik. Jag personilgen kommer att posta en hel del nyare elektronisk musik men även en hel del 80ies och gammal indie.
Vi uppdaterar varje dag

Lyn Kenney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lyn Kenney said...

completely an aside, but i read this as 'radio no one'.

as in, no one is listening. or perhaps no is djing.

or perhaps the dj doesn't exist at all.

pretty existential error on my part.

Stefan. said...

lyn kenney: that's exactly how we wanted you to react..! so don't be sad, and keep checking out our blog. (maybe we one day turn into radio everyone.. who knows) ;)

darryl said...

always the existentialist...can we look at setting up an internet meeting time so we can speak for the first time in months?