Thursday, 25 January, 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

One of the most pleasant discoveries of 2006 was the quite insane tunes of Ed Banger Records and Kitsune records. It was kind of a mindblower for me, making me revalue electronic music which hasn’t been my cup of tea. I guess it’s not just the music of Ed Banger that I like, it’s also the arty style and decadent behaviour of their artists. Anyway today’s song is neither from Ed banger or Kitsune, it’s from Australia. This band, Midnight Juggernauts, played in Stockholm, Debaser Medis 27/10 this fall and of course I missed it. I’m missing everything, so maybe it’s time to load the i-pod and buy a ticket to Paris or London, and maybe even Berlin?

midnight juggernauts - devil within


Anonymous said...

erik, dina poster är så jävla bra!
keep it up!

Erik said...

Tack så mkt, vad glad jag blev! Jag ska försöka