Tuesday, 30 January, 2007

Prefab Sprout

I’m sorry for making you wait, but there is reasons for our inconsistency. Stefan is abroad, in a country where they have no electricity or infrastructure and Darryl is in Malmö/Copenhagen and I’m mostly busy in school.

At last, Prefab Sprout with a song from their album "from Langley Park to Memphis". It was released 1988 and sold a lot of records in England that year. They made it to the top-fivelist for albums in UK that year, and considering the size of their indie-label Kitchenware Records, that is kind of rare. Kitchenware Records is still going strong and as an example of their present artists we have: The Editors, The Changes and Kid:Coda. Prefab Sprout together with Hurrah is considered to be the most label-defining acts on Kitchenware, so if you like Prefab you should check their other artists, old as new.
If you never heard of Prefab Sprout before I can recommend the albums "Steve McQueen" and "From Langley Park To Memphis", and song like: "Faron young", "Cars and girls", "When love breaks down", "Desire as", "Hey Manhattan", "Knock on wood"

I usually listen to them when before I’m going to sleep or when I’m coming home from school. There are better choices of music if you want to dance but works perfectly for lounge. And if there is someone of our listeners (in Sweden) that have Lp´s with Prefab Sprout for sale, please contact me.

prefab sprout - the king of rock n roll

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