Monday, 5 February, 2007

Alpenpop, Säkert! & Miss Li.

As Erik wrote I've been away in a foreign country, with almost no signs of civilisation, called Austria. Except from practising my skills in snowboarding, I've also studied the Austrian music scene. Maybe I haven't got the whole picture since the only band I've seen was a swedish after ski band. The Irish people sure liked when they played U2, scary. Although, the last day, the band played Bloc Party and The Smiths for me, so I forgave them. Else it seems like alpenpop is still very popular. Ok, so now to the post. I thought I should have time to post this before i went abroad, but the time ran away from me, as always. So here you are, one week too late.

Säkert! is the new project from Annika Norlin (a.k.a. Hello Saferide). This time she sings in swedish, and it
works out totally perfect with me. The first single from the album is called "Vi kommer att dö samtidigt". Makes me dance around my apartment a bit.

Säkert! - Vi kommer att dö samtidigt

This next song might make me dance even more, and it makes me do those presumably stupid looking dance steps. Quite charmy.

Miss Li - Seems like we lost it

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