Wednesday, 14 February, 2007

carla bruni

Just in time for Valentine's Day...

There's been quite a bit of hype around Carla Bruni in the past few months, so I decided to do some research. I've concluded that the hype is completely unwarranted and that her new album is some awful hybrid of Norah Jones and Keren Ann (nothing against the latter, however). Luckily, I went for her previous album first, which is actually quite nice-sounding. So here it is, "Quelqu'un m'a dit," which translates as "Someone Told Me." The video is a pleasant experience too, like a contemporary Françoise Hardy. Except for the creepy Italian guy in the window behind... I don't know what's up with that.

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit
(Right click to download)

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