Tuesday, 13 February, 2007

Peter Nilsson - Song for Stina

A friend of mine, Elin, sent me this song a couple of weeks ago and I instantly liked it and somehow I recognized it. Now I remember that I heard it on L'amour à trois where it was posted a couple of months ago. The song is "Song for Stina" by Peter Nilsson, also a member of CDOASS, and I thought that it would be a nice song to share. To be honest I’ve played it a lot recently and the two lines, "When the two of us are far apart, When there’s no one there to hold you tight", I really like them. The only thing missing for me is someone to associate the song with. You can hear some of Peter Nilssons other songs on his myspace where I’ve stolen the picture of him

peter nilsson - song for stina